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A Modern Trapline- Bob Gilsvik

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A Modern Trapline-  Bob Gilsvik

197 pages

Chapter Index

1. The Animals and Their Characteristics:
Fox; Raccoon; Mink; Muskrat; Coyote; Bobcat; Fisher; Beaver; Otter
2. Planning the Trapline:
Gathering equipment; Scouting the trapline
3. Fox and Raccoon:
Hollow-stump sets; Cubby sets; Blind sets; Baited sets; Culvert sets; Dirt-hole sets; Trail sets
4. Mink and Muskrat:
A blind curiosity set; Den sets for muskrat; Forced water sets; Another log set; High-water den sets; Retrieving our river traps; The Conibear trap for muskrat; The Conibear trap for mink; Muskrat house and feeder sets; Stepping sticks
5. Coyote, Bobcat and Fisher:
Buried skunk sets; Dirt-hole sets; Fine-tuning your traps; Bobcat and fisher; Cubby sets; Trail sets; Snaring; The snare set
6. Otter and Beaver:
Blind sets; Channel sets; Under-ice pole sets; Pen sets; Open water sets; Bait sets; Scent mound sets; Blind sets; Drowning sets
7. Additional Sets:
Scent post sets; Mound sets; Box cubby sets; Artificial hole sets; Snow sets
8. Tips from Our Trapline:
Guide sticks; Stakes; Skinning; Snares; Gloves; Baiting; Killing
9. Planning for Next Year
10. Trapping Other Animals:
Skunk; Opossum; Marten; Wolverine; Weasel; Badger; Lynx
11. Combining Hunting and Trapping
12. Traps and Equipment:
Conibear traps; Leg-hold traps; Snares; Equipment; Trap stakes; Dirt sifter; Pack basket; Digging tool; Gloves; Trap covers; Drags; Trap covering material; Miscellaneous items
13. Dyeing and Waxing Trap
14. Bait and Lure:
Fox; Tainted bait for fox; Coyote; Mink; Raccoon; Muskrat; Carrion and fish oil
15. Handling Your Furs:
Skinning; Fleshing; Stretching and drying; Adjustable stretchers; Wooden stretching boards
16. Selling Your Furs

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