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NTA Trapping Handbook by The National Trappers Association

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NTA Trapping Handbook

New edition 2007 - The NTA Trapper's Handbook has been an extremely popular book for novice trappers as well as a text for trapping instructors and students since introduction in 1984. • Everything you need to identify and know common American furbearers. • Conveniently organized with individual chapters on each species. • Learn to catch furbearers, prepare and market fur pelts. • Most-used text for U.S. trapper education programs. • Enhances your knowledge and interests in our abundant furbearing resources. This book by the National Trappers Association has an abundance of professionally done illustrations, and includes 30 chapters in 240 pages. Virtually everything a trapper wants or needs to know is arranged in easily referenced chapters. A complete guide to trapping in the U.S. Chapters include an historical treatment of early day trappers, furbearer management objectives, laws, responsibilities, proper harvesting methods, fur handling skill, and outdoor safety. Each common furbearer is also treated separately with information including descriptions, distribution maps, track and sign identification, biology, values, diseases and other natural population controls. The material is particularly useful to students as a research and reporting source.

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