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Coon Dagger Raccoon Trap

Item#: DPT05

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Coon Dagger Raccoon Trap

A dog-proof trap that solves the problems of all other dog-proof traps on the market. In actual testing in Arkansas, the push-pull trigger reduced bait theft by a 12-to-1 margin over conventional pull-only type traps! No more bait clean-out with no catch! Can be pre-set and pre-baited in safety position, saving time on the line.

  • Exposed lower tube and bail prevents clogging and allows easier clean-out and resetting after catch.
  • Diamond shape opening allows for better grip by applying pressure to all four sides of the paw instead of two like most others.
  • Larger drain hole in bottom.
  • A unique triggering system which allows a push or pull operation.
  • A pre-set safety position so one can bait at home and is less likely to fire as others.
  • Can be switched to a pull-only in seconds.
  • Large stabilizer for better support.

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