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Harding's Fur Buyers Guide #HRD004

Harding's Fur Buyers Guide

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Fur Buyers Guide By A.R. Harding

Complete instructions about buying, handling, grading raw furs, incluing sizes, colors, quality etc. 366 pages.

1. "Wild" and "Tame" Furs
2. Size, Color, Quality
3. Methods of Grading
4. The Inspection Room
5. Why Trappers Sell at Home
6. Buyers and Collectors
7. Buying and Selling
8. Speculating
9. Prices of Long Ago
10. Miscellaneous Information
11. Foxes - Black, Silver, Cross, Arctic
12. Foxes - Red, Grey, Kit or Swift
13. Mink
14. Muskrat
15. Skunk
16. Civet Cat
17. The Raccoon
18. Opossum
19. Wolves and Coyotes
20. Otter
21. Beaver
22. Bears - Black, Grizzly, Polar
23. Marten
24. Fisher
25. Lynx
26. Wild Cat or Bay Lynx
27. Cats - House and Ring Tail
28. Badger
29. Wolverine
30. White Weasel - Ermine
31. Sea Otter
32. Mountain Lion
33. Seals - Fur and Hair
34. Pelts, Hides, Skins
35. Roots - Ginseng and Golden Seal


Harding's Historical Books for Collectors, Trappers, Woodsmen and more

Harding Historical Books were originally published in the early 1900s. These are new reprints. Most books are roughly 5" X 7", paper bound. From a historical view of trapping and conservation to a practical view of everything from bee keeping and camping to skinning deer hides and raising mink, there is something here for every outdoorsman.

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