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Harding's 3001 Questions And Answers  #HRD007

Harding's 3001 Questions And Answers

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3001 Questions And Answers By A.R. Harding

Many years were required to collect this "encyclopedia" for Hunters, Trappers, "Gun Cranks", 395 pages

Chapters Index

1. Animals - Big Game
2. Animals - Domestic
3. Animals - Fur Bearing
4. Animals - Non-Fur Bearing
5. Baits, Poisons and Scents
6. Birds, Ducks, Geese, Etc.
7. Boats and Canoes
8. Camp Cooking and Provisions
9. Camping and Trapping Outfits
10. Dogs - Hunting
11. Dog Diseases and Treatments
12. Dogs - Training and Breaking
13. Fish and Fishing
14. Fur and Game Sections
15. Fur Farming
16. Furs and Pelts
17. Game Laws and Licenses
18. Guns and Ammunition
19. Homesteads and Lands
20. Medicinal Roots, Barks and Herbs
21. Oils
22. Pearls and Clams
23. Rabbits and Hares
24. Snowshoes and Skis
25. Taxidermy and Tanning
26. Tents and Tenting
27. Traps and Trapping
28. Trapping Localities
29. Wearing Apparel
30. Waterproofing
31. Miscellaneous

Harding's Historical Books for Collectors, Trappers, Woodsmen and more

Harding Historical Books were originally published in the early 1900s. These are new reprints. Most books are roughly 5" X 7", paper bound. From a historical view of trapping and conservation to a practical view of everything from bee keeping and camping to skinning deer hides and raising mink, there is something here for every outdoorsman.

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