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Harding's Wolf And Coyote Trapping #HRD011

Harding's Wolf And Coyote Trapping

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Wolf And Coyote Trapping By A.R. Harding

Wolf and coyote are both cunning animals but the methods in this book" get 'em". Scent recipes explained. 252 pg.

1. The Timber Wolf
2. The Coyote
3. Killing of Stock and Game by Wolves
4. Bounties
5. Calling the Predators
6. Hunting Wolves with Dogs
7. Still Hunting Wolves and Coyotes
8. The Wolf Controversy
9. Trapping Wolves
10. Scents and Baits
11. Scent Methods
12. Bait Methods for Wolves
13. Southern Bait Methods for Coyotes
14. Northern Bait Methods for Coyotes
15. Blind Set Methods
16. Snow Set Methods
17. Some Rules and Things to Remember
18. The Treacherous Grey Wolf
19. Wolf Catching
20. With the Coyotes
21. Wolf Trapping An Art

Harding's Historical Books for Collectors, Trappers, Woodsmen and more

Harding Historical Books were originally published in the early 1900s. These are new reprints. Most books are roughly 5" X 7", paper bound. From a historical view of trapping and conservation to a practical view of everything from bee keeping and camping to skinning deer hides and raising mink, there is something here for every outdoorsman.

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