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Harding's Deadfalls and Snares #HRD012

Harding's Deadfalls and Snares

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Deadfalls and Snares

Explains homemade traps, telling how and where to make, how to bait, and where to set. 218 pages, 28 chapters, 84 drawings and illustrations.

Chapters Index

1. Building Deadfalls
2. Bear and Coon Deadfall
3. Otter Deadfall
4. Marten Deadfall
5. Stone Deadfall
6. The Bear Pen
7. Portable Traps
8. Some Triggers
9. Trip Triggers
10. How to Set
11. When to Build
12. Where to Build
13. The Proper Bait
14. Traps Knocked Off
15. Spring Pole Snare
16. Trail Set Snare
17. Bait Set Snare
18. The Box Trap
19. The Coop Trap
20. The Pit Trap
21. Number of Traps
22. When to Trap
23. Season's Catch
24. General Information
25. Skinning and Stretching
26. Handling and Grading
27. From Animal to Market

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