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Harding's Home Tanning and Leather Making Guide #HRD013

Harding's Home Tanning and Leather Making Guide

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Home Tanning & Leather Making Guide

Information on how to tan and make leather from hides. 176 pages, 40 illustrations, 20 chapters.

Chapters Index

1. Selection of Hides and Skins
2. Skinning, Curing and Storing
3. Equipment and Tools
4. Materials
5. Methods and Terms
6. Soaking and Liming
7. Unhairing and Deliming
8. Tanning
9. Softening and Finishing
10. Alum Process - Lace Leather
11. Chrome Process
12. Acid Process
13. Bark Process
14. Buckskin
15. Robe Skins
16. Miscellaneous
17. Salting and Curing Hides
18. Preparing Hides and Skins for Market
19. Market Classes of Hides and Skins
20. Methods of Marketing Hides and Skins

Harding's Historical Books for Collectors, Trappers, Woodsmen and more

Harding Historical Books were originally published in the early 1900s. These are new reprints. Most books are roughly 5" X 7", paper bound. From a historical view of trapping and conservation to a practical view of everything from bee keeping and camping to skinning deer hides and raising mink, there is something here for every outdoorsman.

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