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MB-650 O/S Outside Laminated Coyote & Bobcat Trap

Item#: MB005

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MB-650 O/S Offset Outside Laminated Coyote & Bobcat Trap

Just dye and wax these traps and they're ready to go! Virtually anything that you could possibly want done to a trap to make it coyote proof is wrapped up here in one neat package.

6 1/8" inside jaw spread. 1/4" offset jaws, center mounted straight link chain, Crunch proof swivels, 4-coil springs, trigger holds both jaws down, #10 Brass pan bolt. Heavy frame & jaws. 3/16" lamination strips welded to jaws.

Targeted species: Coyote, Bobcat, etc.

MB Traps are made in the USA

Heavy item- additional $6.00 shipping per dozen traps

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  •  MB-650 Trap Setter
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