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Mitlyng's Trapbedder

Item#: SF007

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Mitlyng's Trapbedder

The Trapbedder is designed to give the trapper a fast and easy way to firmly bed a foothold trap, in land or water. With Trapbedder in place, it supports the pan, making it impossible for the trap to fire while making the set. Comes in 3 Models:

Model #1: Fits all #1 1/2 and #1 3/4 coils, #1 1/2 through #3 double longsprings and jumps.
Model #2: Fits all #2 and #3 coils, #4 double longsprings, #3 and #4 single longsprings and jumps.
Model #3: Fits all Butera (BMI) traps

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