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Fulltime Beaver Trapping DVD with Ron Hauser

Item#: VD026

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Fulltime Beaver Trapping DVD

While trapping the lakes, swamps, ponds, creeks and rivers you will learn to handle water fluctuations, steep banks, flat open banks, learn how to plan a longline away from home or out of state, 220’s and footholds on land, the deadly artificial den set, baited, lured, and blind sets. Also included, identifying deer ticks and wood ticks, and fresh snapping turtle trapping footage. Hauser shows you how easy trapping beaver really is using a combination of traps and simple sets. With the price of beaver climbing, Now is the time to expand your knowledge. If trapping is the driving force in your life, this video is for you. Approximately 4-1/2 hours. 2 Disc set.

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