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Fulltime Trapping DVD with Ron Hauser

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Fulltime Trapping DVD

Ron Hauser, veteran trapper of over 30 years, has trapped in eight states and spends up to nine months. An instructional video that is 100% in the field, no shoptalk. Includes footage of summertime turtling (trapping the snapping turtle) and his fur finding trapline dog in action. Water sets for mink, coon and rats like you've never seen before. Covers pocket sets, blind sets, effectively capturing and holding raccoon, mink, and muskrat without time-consuming slide wires, cables, or extra gear. Simple innovative sets that work. Reading sign, avoiding non-target animals, hiding your catch, and managing your line for maximum catches. Fall, winter, and spring beaver methods, Your fur catch will be much larger after watching this video. 3 hours & 45 minutes (Two DISC Set).DVD

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